Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pier Concerts

Have you been to one of the concerts on the Pier of Redondo?  What a fun family adventure.  Though they go a bit too late into the evening for our crowd to enjoy the whole event, the 6pm start time means you can grab or bring dinner for 5:30 and enjoy through the sunset. 

That's just what we did a few nights ago:

They have the band set-up on the largest part of the pier, away from all the shops and restaurants, just a nice wide open space.  They create a really nice dance floor area around the stage, so everyone can get up and boogie....

There was a nice crowd on the night we went.  The music is definitely kiddo friendly (no cursing, etc.) and enjoyable.  Lots of little ones doing the boogie.

EG and I hit the dance floor, really running and jumping around.  She was trying to play with the three other little girls you see on the right, but they were too wild for her.

We ate somewhere else, but these people had a great set-up. Nice lawn chairs, and a great little 'table in a bag' that they had gotten.  They showed us how to do it up nice.

We stayed until the sun went down, which was a treat for all of us, since we're usually at home for bath time before 7pm.  It did get a little chilly, but overall it was a wonderful little evening out, something I would definitely recommend.

They have the concerts going on through the end of August, just a few more weeks.  They had them in July too, but we were busy doing something else...

Have you been to one of the concerts on the pier?  What about Manhattan Beaches' concerts?  We've seen lots of people going to them, walking over to Polliwog, but never made it out ourselves...

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