Monday, October 20, 2014

Dance Class

I've just started EG in a ballet/Tap dance class for 2-3 year olds.  I wasn't sure if she was old enough, but when she has dance class at her regular school (aka daycare) she really loves it.  So I took the plunge, my first actual class with a daughter.

Somehow I feel a touch odd about it- like that a girl has to do dance, and I'm putting her into a corner filled with pink and ribbons and sparkles.  But I want her to be active, and if you saw her bruises, you might also understand that getting a little bit of grace and control over her body wouldn't be a bad thing.  Growing up Girl with tutu's isn't bad- but I'm also not against soccer, or wrestling.  It's just that dance actually seems to be something she can do at 2...

 And, if I'm honest, I'm still on the fence.  We've committed for 8 weeks, and we'll definitely get that far, but I didn't really take into account all of the little things that would come with signing up for dance class.  There's the leotard (thanks Target) the tutus (Thanks Aunt Simone and Aunt Katelin) and the ballet shoes (thanks Children's Orchard).  But let's not forget about the tap shoes.

Yes, that's right, I gave my two year old tap shoes.  I'm encouraging her to beat on the ground with shoes that make things extra noisy.  Yup, with a baby in the house.  I must be INSANE!

It took me a while to find the shoes, and they weren't cheap.  While they had them at the Children's Orchard, they didn't have them in her size.  Thanks to Payless, we were golden.  And she's thanked me for them no less than 10 times.  Which is awfully sweet and totally makes me gaga over her. Makes nursing Ocho in the store that much easier too, since I know how much she appreciates them.

So far, she's loved it.  She races away from school, wants to be in her leotard each day after class, and I've been able to say that tutu's are for Dance class, not for school (which Working Dad loves, since he's not a great tutu fan).

Have your kids taken any classes?  If I was really on top of it I'd upload a few of the pictures I have of me as a kiddo in dance class.  I just found a set of my sister taken in black and white- totally gorgeous....

Want to know more? We're taking the class at Dance 1 on Artesia.  Send me a message on facebook or e-mail me (check out the CONTACT ME page) and I'll spill the beans on how you can get involved.  Yes, boys are totally welcome!

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