Friday, October 24, 2014

Shabbat Project- Global Shabbat

Okay, I realize this post isn't exactly timely to those who may read it after noon on Friday.  Especially since it's about a once a year Shabbat opportunity- which if you aren't prepared, you may not feel like jumping aboard the bandwagon right now.

Nevertheless, I share with you the Shabbos Project.  It's an international attempt at having the whole world honor the Shabbat for one day- started in South Africa.

While I'm not 100% committed to Shabbat on Saturday (I've been doing some research into cooking that Saturday daytime meal, and trying to figure out how to not-cook but serve hot food... so not ready yet) but I didn't make any concrete plans, and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to make it a family day and stay away from the TV, the car, and maybe the internet that day.

Tonight we have guests coming over.  I'm trying out a new recipe, and trying to embrace the specialness.  I think it's a great event, and one of several over the course of the year that you can try to participate in.

The point, at least for me, is to do something a little more observant than I've done before. I'm not saying that I'll be able to do it all the time, but taking that touch of extra effort to really do something different- to honor the shabbat in a different way- that's what speaks to me.

Tonight I'm hoping for no TV or computer after dinner.  Maybe we'll play cards or a game.  Maybe we'll play pool in the garage.  Maybe we'll both just read seperate books, but maybe we'll have a chance to chat and reconnect nicely.

THis is also a great shabbat for the toddlers and kiddos. It's the story of Noah, and that's really relatable for kids. Bringing stuffed animals to the table, yes please!  It's great for Ocho, since her room is decorated as Noah's Ark!  Maybe this week you talk about the parasha, share the stories, and enjoy that as a new dimension to your Shabbat Experience.

Not ready to go this week?  Try this one on for size:  Jewish Federation Shabbat 1000

Of course, Shabbat comes every week- 52 times a year.  So maybe just lick one opportunity and try something new.  Start small, aim big!

PS- yes, the project is Orthodox.  No, I don't think that means you have to be to participate.  As with everything, take what you can in my mind.

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