Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dinner Disasters- and then some...

Sometimes in life things just don't go your way.  Despite your best efforts the meal you are trying to make doesn't go your way.  It turns out that you've taken a delightful piece of fish and covered it in a sauce that just doesn't taste great.  Or maybe, it's worse than that, and it makes other's at the table gag with disgust.

And because you're emotional, have postpartum depression and anxiety, and that dinner was the only thing you accomplished all day- maybe you get a little upset about people not liking your dinner.  And it takes all the energy you have to walk away from the table without screaming and throwing the dinner plates.  Or maybe you do throw something...who knows?

Of course you defend your dinner.  You put time, energy, effort, thought and sweat into the meal.  Maybe you even have some skin in the game, literally, because you burned yourself.

And then, maybe it gets worse.  Maybe your precious little angel is up every hour, practically on the hour- just wanting to nibble at you. Not wanting to eat, just nibble.  And maybe the one hour that she doesn't wake you up, your own body does, because despite your defense of your dinner- it wasn't very good and your body didn't like it either.  But we'll keep that a secret just to ourselves.

And, just to throw some icing on the cake, perhaps you have nightmares about a specific conversation you had with your own mom- you know the one I'm talking about.  Where you told her that her dinner was disgusting, and that you didn't want to eat it.  Of course, you didn't have any idea how that made her feel...now you do.

At the end of it all- the sun still comes up in the morning.  The days still continue to move forward.  Your little girl tells you thank you for buying her shoes.  Your tiny girl giggles and smiles, and coos at the sound of her name.  Your husband says thank you for making this, and then cleans up after you.  And at the end of it all- the sun still comes up in the morning.  The days still continue to move forward.

So it is today, so it will be tomorrow.

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