Monday, October 13, 2014

Potty Training- the Sticker Chart

I've been trying to potty train EG.  If I'm honest, I think she's been ready for a while, probably before Ocho was born.  But I just wasn't ready.  I tried to potty train for the first time in April, before she turned two.  That was just a day of cleaning up poop and pee, no real progress at all.

But we did start talking.  Stating that she should go pee and poop on the potty. You ask her where she should go peepee or poopoo and the answer is right.  But it was all just talk.

I always thought that I would do the three day potty training method.  Day 1- no underwear, stay at home, etc.  Day 2- progress...

But then I tried it again and we seemed to be making progress.  And I cleaned up A LOT of poop and pee.  At least 5 times.  We spent the day just totally naked, enjoying the sun.   We started with a tutu, then moved on to nothing on bottom.

Yup- there she is half naked playing with the neighborhood kids.  I figured out fairly early that if I wanted to make clean-up easy, she could poo outside, rather than inside.

Unfortunately she wasn't feeling very well- the start of a cold and potty training was becoming a nightmare of emotions for her.  So we gave up on Saturday.  (yup, I cleaned up poop and pee over the course of a whole day just to give up 12 hours later!  Lame, but the right move).

So then I decided on the next course of action- bribery.  I've never really thought I would stoop to bribery, but when I gave it more thought I realized it wasn't such a bad idea.  That this is something she will learn, and then we'll be done with it.  Therefore it's bribery that has an end in sight.  It's a 'time honored' and proven method for how to train your children to go on the potty. 

We went to Toys R Us and she picked out a few items.  Her choices- a fire truck, a baseball bat and ball set and a book set.  I've also got tons of other gifts that people have given us that we haven't given her yet.

Since I decided on this method, out came the potty chart.

Each time she goes pee or poop on the potty she gets a sticker.  5 stickers equals one prize.  10 stickers equals a big prize (and so on, etc.).  And boy is it working! 

We've gotten 12 stickers on our chart, and we've going peepee on the potty.  And, as a special bonus for me we're using the stickers that my mom bought her.  Since I'm a scrapbooker I know I'll be putting this chart in her album, and it will be a lasting memory of one of the last gifts my mom gave her. 

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  1. If it makes you feel better, you can think of it as "a reward" instead of "a bribe!" Smile.


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