Thursday, October 3, 2013

A new carseat for EG

Our little girl is 15 months old.  She turned 15 months old just a few days ago, and with her newest age comes her taller height.  She's finally growing out of her Chicco Keyfit 30.

We LOVE the Chicco Keyfit carseat.  It's absolutely everything we wanted in an infant car seat.  Yes, there are a lot of people out there who never had the infant seat.  Who don't see the point.  Well, it worked for us.  Having two bases meant that we didn't have to worry about who's picking her up from school.  Our stroller (the City Select), has a frame that the car seat clips into, which has been great for taking her out when she was even littler.

Alas, she's growing up so quickly.

I believe very strongly in car seat safety.  Though I'm no Car Seat Lady I have a firm appreciation for what car seats mean in our lives, and the safety they give to all of us.  My sister-in-law has been in two bad accidents with her 5 kids (only three at the time!), and knows first hand how these steel/foam frames can save lives.

When we began looking at a new carseat for EG, we had a few things we wanted.

1. Fabulous safety ratings.  It is a carseat after all.  We wanted it to be rated, and ranked well in the different rankings.

2. Long life. Not only in how long after you buy it is it good for, but also how long can EG sit in it.  Yes, we want more kids, and in all likelihood we will pass this one along to her baby brother or sister (no, not pregnant yet as far as I know), but we wanted to get one that would have the best chance of seeing her through the years.

3. No crazy colors.  We wanted one that wasn't to girly, or two boy looking.  No army or butterfly patterns over here.  Though we love our babies pink clothes, we are just as thrilled with our gender neutral car seat and stroller.  Like I said, more babies please!

4. Getting it at a good price.  Mind you, I didn't say cheap.  We know that safety and steel cost money, so we aren't out there looking for the cheapest seat.  But we are looking for one that makes sense financially speaking.  And with Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and I think we should be able to find one of them that makes some sense financially.

Which car seat do you have?  Do you like it?  What would you do differently?

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