Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pick a Parasha: Lech Lecha

I like to keep abreast of the Parasha, but that doesn't mean that I have the time to study each week.  It seems like it's a great idea, but to start, I thought I would pick one of the Parashas from this month  read it, chat about it, and learn a little more.  Join me!  Think of it as a really, really easy book club.

Of course, this seems particularly poignant, since we are at the beginning of the year this month, starting over.

So let's study together.  Our Parasha for October will be:

Parashat Lech-Lecha / פרשת לך־לך

I'll post a review and some interesting comments the last Monday of the month, in this case on Monday October 28th.  Then, we'll pick the Parasha for next month.

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