Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So, we finally picked our car seat


Remember when we were shopping for a new carseat?  Why did we choose the Diono Radian?
  1. My sister-in-Law has it, and loves it.  There's nothing better than being able to see the carseat in action, and she's had this one for a while.  She loves it, the baby likes it, and she has 5 kids, so she's owned a lot of carseats.

  2. It's slim profile.  It's one of the slimest out there with high safety ratings.  That means that when we have kiddo number two, we should still be able to put one of the carseats in the middle seat, the safest place for babies.

  3. It's got a very high weight limit.  The rear-facing weight limit is 45 lbs, one of the highest on the market.  Additionally it allows kids to be in the carseat until they are 100lbs as a booster.  In CA where we live they have to be in a booster until 8 years old, so that was important.

  4. It's got a long life.  The Diono is rated for 8 years using the harness, and for 10 years as a booster.  That means that it will definitely last as long as EG needs to be in a carseat.  Add to that the fact that it can be used when a baby is 5lbs, that means it's an all for one carseat! 

  5. Safety Ratings.  It's got great safety ratings.  It's made of steel and reinforced foam.  It's strong, and will definitely protect EG in all circumstances.  G-d willing we don't have to find that out, but never-the-less, it's important.

Why not the other Diono's?  It basically came down to the fact that the RXT and the GTX seem to be the exact same carseat, though one is slightly more money.  We considered the R120, since EG will most likely be a tall kid, but the side impact seemed much more safe.

Considering a new carseat?  Check out this great comparison.  There prices aren't the best, but the information/chat is really helpful.

We ended up purchasing ours at Buy Buy Baby, using a 20% off coupon...

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