Friday, October 11, 2013

'Covering' at work

Have you been to your husbands office?  Has your child?  Has he come to yours?

It took my husband 5 jobs, and me getting pregnant for him to finally invite me into his office.  He is so behind work and life seperation that I once went to meet him for lunch and he wouldn't even let me into his office to go pee.  He told me I had to wait until we got to the restaurant.

I told that story over the radio once, and they definitely thought that he was cheating on me with a very hot secretary.  He doesn't even have a secretary.  But he is 'covering'

He's working at a company now that posts pictures of new babies in the company newsletter, who's CEO is public about his son's autism, but he still refuses to bring our daughter to work...

It's different for me.  I was pregnant at work- sort of hard to hide the growing bump.  Still, despite the obvious, I definitely felt like my office didn't want to support me after I had EG.  They threw me a lovely baby shower, but try asking for a 30 minute lunch and then see what happens.  Right before I had EG another woman quit when her child was 1 year old.    Since I've had EG another mother didn't even bother coming back to work, just quit while out on maternity

Not sure how many of you know about the Family Leave policies, but for the first year after your child is born you are entitled to take FMLA leave.  Where I work that means I can take a reduced schedule until she turns one.  She turned one on a Saturday. When I came in on Monday they told me that I had to stop taking a 30minute lunch. 

I don't know about you, but I'd take some flexibility over a baby shower.  There are two other moms in my whole office.  Today when we went to lunch the other mother had come in late due to dropping off her child.  She said she couldn't stay to eat with us because she was feeling pressured from her boss to work more due to her being late with her son.

Yes, I agree that we all need to be more open about our life situations.  But even if you are, sometimes that just makes it that much more heartbreaking when they don't do anything to help you out.

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