Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween...or not?

I've been thinking a lot about Halloween this year.  Last year we had an enjoyable experience.  We came home from work, dressed up EG and walked through the neighborhood.  She was the Monster under my bed, and it was a good chance to see the neighbors and say hello.

This year, I'm not sure how I'm feeling.  I have nothing against Halloween, but now that EG is sort of old enough to participate (AKA walk through the neighborhood and hold a bucket), I'm not sure how I feel.  It's definitely going to be a challenge stopping her from sticking all the candy in her mouth, and who knows how many chocking hazards there will be in that little bucket.

Add to that the fact that I we will be coming home from work at 5pm, trying to fit in walking through the neighborhood and having dinner?

Then lets examine the idea of having my daughter beg for candy she isn't going to eat.  I know I don't want her to eat that sugar yet.  Yes, there will come a time, but it's not when she's under 2 years old.  Is it fair to have her take candy when she isn't going to eat it?  I certainly don't need the calories...

What do you think?  Will you be taking the little ones out?  Don't forget to be SAFE!

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