Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our family vacation

The Consortium
Last weekend we met up with my sister's family and my parents for a wine tasting weekend in Paso.  We stayed in a 'cabin' at 'Lake' San Antonio.  Doesn't it look like it should be lovely?  While we had a wonderful time overall, there were definitely some issues.

When we were planning this trip it had two purposes.  The first was wine tasting.  My parents are members of the J.Lohr wine club, and they had a wine tasting harvest weekend set of events.  This included a nice lobster dinner on Friday night, a free wine and cheese event on Saturday, and a Sunday meal as well.  So, that sounded great.

The second purpose was a camping trip.  Typically my family tries to spend a few days over the summer camping together.  But with everyone's schedules, new jobs, etc we didn't make that happen this year. But camp fires are a priority.

With these things in mind we made our plans.  We reserved a cabin at the lake, made plans for a nice wine dinner, and packed up the car.

We arrived on Friday to find, not what's above, but a dry smelly mud pit.  No water, no lake.  And our 'cabin?'  Not a cabin, a trailer.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing generally wrong with a trailer.  It certainly served the purpose of shelter, etc.  But when you are advertising a cabin, you sort of have different expectations. 

We'd arranged with the scheduler to babysit EG while we went to our expensive wine dinner.  She forgot.  We spend $85 per person on this nice dinner, that we never even got to go to!  So much for that.

Did I also forget to mention that the water wasn't potable?  There was something wrong and the county had stated that the water wasn't fit for human consumption while we were there.  So, that's wonderful too!

We made the best of it, and honestly, it was still a nice birthday weekend.  The littles got to play together, EG and my sister's son, and that was SO CUTE!  Running, jumping, tumbling.  Just a fine and dandy time together.

Would I do it again, yes.  Would I change things, yes.  Look for my wine tasting tips to come out early next week!

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